Bottle Armor XXL 2-Pack

Bottle Armor XXL 2-PackPack extra-large wine bottles without fear of leaks. Special padded case protects glass bottle, prevents spills. Set of two. If you purchase oversized wine bottles, the Bottle Armor XXL 2-Pack lets you pack them safely in your luggage. These padded cases are made of durable leakproof nylon, and the padding protects the wine bottles from... Read More »

Best Set of Compression Bags for Packing

Best Set of Compression Bags for PackingIt’s easier to fit everything into a carry-on bag if you shrink your stuff. When you pack with these compression sacks, you can compress bulky items up to 80%, saving a lot of luggage space. Made of durable vinyl, these waterproof bags are also great for keeping wet or dirty clothes away from everything else.... Read More »

Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set

Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac SetSave up to 80% of luggage space, when you pack with these compression sacks. Set of 3 sizes for different items. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set has three sizes to cover all your packing needs, so you can save maximum space in your suitcase. Just pack your clothing and bulky items in the... Read More »

Luxe Travel Blanket

zv7qrnb Stay cozy and warm on any long flight with this luxurious travel blanket. Oversized with foot pockets, stows in its own pouch. Not all airlines provide blankets anymore, and when they do, they are often small, and not always sanitary. It’s safer and more comfortable to travel with your own travel blanket, and this... Read More »

Silk Dreamsack Double

Silk Dreamsack DoubleIf you’re suspicious of hotel bedding, bring your own, and sleep in the luxurious softness of 100% pure silk. Enjoy the luxury of pure silk sheets when you travel, with the Silk Dreamsack Double. You’ll never worry about hotel bedding again, when you bring your own. And natural silk is a wonderful fiber – lightweight,... Read More »

Silk Airplane Blanket

Silk Airplane BlanketStay warm on a chilly flight with this silk travel blanket. Foot pocket at bottom. Blanket stores in its own convenient pouch. Airplanes can be cold, and shivering through an overnight flight can leave you exhausted. Airlines may not provide blankets, and when they do, there may be a question of how sanitary they are.... Read More »